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People tell us what they think

Cheesecake was amazing! I have to say that Lauren's Cheesecake is the best I have had in a very long time.  My Father-in-law is from Boston and we used to be treated from some of the best bakeries there, this reminds  me of that authentic, delicious flavor.

 - Michelle M

Just wanted to say your cheesecakes were delicious! Everyone loved them! I will definitely be ordering again!

- Jeanne

Oh he thought your cheesecake was amazing! He picked it up the next day. I don't think he knew your cheesecake. Now he does! Too bad he's leaving soon for Colorado for a long time. 

- MJ Blouin

The cheesecake exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much! It was absolutely delicious, and we look forward to ordering another in the future.

- Angela T


Dear Lauren,

The vote was unanimous:  You are indisputably "The Cheesecake Challenge Champion" of Vermont. The eight lucky people (including myself) who savored a wedge of your "original" cheesecake were united in saying "it is the best cheesecake I ever had in terms of (flavor, rich but not too sweet), texture (velvety smooth and creamy), and presentation (appearance/height). Now you are obliged to enter one of your cheesecakes (maple?) in the National Cheesecake Challenge Championship which I am confident you will win...easily.   




PS I'm looking forward to indulging in another of your cheesecakes on a special occasion.

- Gordon

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